The Changes 2013 Brought In

eek! The dreaded number 13! It’s 2013!

I’ve never really been one to believe in superstition. I believe that you bring your own luck to the table and while many things are out of your control, there are decisions along the way that we make that affect that outcome.

2013 has been quite the year already and is poised to continue bringing huge change in my life. I am not one to shun change- I actually like change. But too much change at once can be a bit… well- it’s anxiety provoking. With the revelations and decisions I’ve made stemming from the relationship I had with my ex, I’ve been focusing a lot on myself, reacquainting me with who I am and what my goals are and reestablishing boundaries that were shattered. It’s not that I didn’t intend to achieve them- I just put them on the backburner to concentrate on him and his issues (2 job changes, 2 lawsuits, health issues, sexual compulsivity issues etc). Now that we’ve gone our separate ways I had no more excuses.

2013 is going to be MY year!

Today was a huge change- a new job. I had been at my previous job for a very long time; to the point where it became a bit stagnant but it was just so comfortable. I knew the job and did it well, made a good salary and had an amazing boss who valued a balanced life which afforded me incredible flexibility. The reality was however, that I needed to find a new job. And I did- although it took a lot of searching and time. It is amazing to have found another incredible company to work for that has impeccable morals and ethics, is going to propel my career and offer me new challenges, provide new opportunity, and oh- is going to have great benefits.

Here’s to 2013 being a lucky year!

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