Really Doing The Work

I read another article a couple days ago about what it means to really do the work of recovery for a sex addict. Part of me had wondered if I had been too hard on him and was giving boundaries that were unrealistic and unattainable, so I went in search of information as that is how I deal with things. I stumbled across this post on written by Mark Brouwer…

Basically what Mark says is that real recovery is based on time and money. If you are not putting in the time to go to the meetings and therapy sessions and if you are instead spending money on the extras instead of putting that money into recovery options, then recovery is not being taken seriously.

In my situation I think it makes sense. He would rather buy the latest Iphone or a new firearm than put that money into getting some serious help. Denial. He would rather spend a couple hundred a month on cable or a few thousand on new furnishings and a new computer than put that into a recovery program. All under the guise that if he made his home more comfortable he would not have the need to go out and act out.

3 comments on “Really Doing The Work

  1. So glad you posted this. Glad to say my husband passes both tests… time and money dumped into recovery.

  2. Still Loving Him says:

    I’m also glad my husband is doing both. Hell we spent enough in 2012 on rehab and therapy that we get to use it as a tax write off. At least I’ll get something out of this whole addiction thing!!!

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